At ABMN, our range of concentrates are results of several years of testing feed rations for all classes, age and phase of growth for poultry and fish in Nigeria. Using the latest software feed formulation technologies, our state of the art production plant, seasoned and experienced Animal Nutritionists and Veterinarians; we produce rations to meet the specific nutritional requirements of Livestock.

Super Fish 65% Concentrate is formulated with best quality ingredients to meet thse nutritional requirements of fresh water fishes. Super Fish is produced with high-tech formulation to give optimum performance, to guarantee efficient conversion of nutrients to reach desired weights. Other than the economic benefits to the fish farmer, Super Fish also guarantees fast growth, improved FCR and thermo-stability during pelleting.

Pro Bar Broiler Concentrates is a high quality formulation for excellent results and profitability. Benefits to the birds include high resistance to disease challenges, proved FCR, fast growth and bone integrity.

Pro Bar Layers and Breeder Concentrates guarantee high quality ingredients for optimum and cost effective production. With Pro  Bar Layer concentrates, birds have higher egg production, prolonged laying, yellow egg yolks and higher livability. Breeders give prolonged embryo immunity, higher fertility and hatchability and high resistance to disease challenges.