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Agro Bar Magen NigLtd is an industry leader in the manufacturing of Vitamin, Trace Mineral Premixes for all classes and ages of poultry, swine and aquaculture in the Nigerian Livestock Industry. We are reputable for distributing quality products such as Liquid multivitamins, Amino acids supplements, Enzymes, Antibiotics growth promoters, Coccidiostats, Acidifiers, Toxin binders and other […]


ABMN Fish farm produces several species of catfish ranging from parasite free fingerlings and juveniles, to table sizes. With our state of the art hatchery, ponds and experienced Aquaculture experts, ABMN is reputable for supplying fast growing and healthy catfishes to meet the increasing demands of Nigeria’s aquaculture industry.


In 2015, ABMN introduced the Poultry-by-Products meal and Feather meal into the Nigerian market to supplement animal proteins added to livestock feed. We have successfully made available cheap, quality and safe Poultry meal and Feather meal to replaceFish meal which has become expensive and susceptible to adulteration. Poultry, Pig and Fish farmers now trust us […]


ABMN Quality Control Laboratory is a standard laboratory set up to carry out proficiency testing (on feed and raw materials), using analytical methods of internationally recognized standard.  ABMN recognizes the fundamental influence of feed on productivity, health and welfare of the animal therefore; services are rendered at both private and commercial levels. Our skilled and experience […]