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Poultry disease management: newcastle, salmonellois and gumboro. Poultry vaccination schedule in Nigeria. Methods of culling in poultry
29 Oct

NEWCASTLE DISEASE IN POULTRY VIA POULTRYDVM Poultry farming is a delicate balance between nurture and vigilance. The health of your flock is the linchpin, and understanding and managing potential threats are paramount. In this comprehensive guide, we navigate the terrain of poultry health and disease management, focusing on…

Article on guthealth in livestock
25 Aug

Image via Cheminique Livestock farming plays a significant role in Nigeria's agricultural sector, providing essential resources such as meat, milk, eggs, and fish. To ensure the overall health and productivity of livestock, it is crucial to prioritize their gut health. The digestive system of animals, including cattle, poultry,…

19 Nov

In the beginning. Animal nutritionists are invariably ag school graduates. We don’t talk much about our ag school system anymore, but it was a driving force is America’s rapid rise to prominence in world commerce. In the 1860’s our government authorized the Morrill Land Grant Act, setting aside…

19 Nov

In the world of modern agriculture, the chicken, hog and beef feedlot facilities all focus on one number to access their profit and competitiveness. That number is feed conversion, used as the only criteria for any and every management decision. Their complete focus is the amount of grain…

19 Nov

Quality of protein gets little attention.  Do you realize that it is possible for a diet that is 17% protein to be more nutritious than one that is 28% protein?  The average pet owner thinks the higher the protein of a diet the better.  This is not true…

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