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Trusted Hitech Animal Nutrition Company

ABMN was extablished in 2009, since then the company grew strongly during last 10 years bringing the quality and scale of operation to unmatchable levels in the industry. Apart from being the largest commodity importer, company established a renowned name in the field of premix and concentrates. Among other products ABMN offer amino acid combinations, enzymes, growth promoters, coccidiostats, toxin binders and anti-microbial are main and source from recognized suppliers world over. The company veterinary and marketing department plays a strategic role in developing product portfolio and out bound training needs. the services of technical nature further strengthen by the expertise of Bar-Magen Israel through their expert team.

ABMN head office is located in Ibadan with 3 branches including Enugu, Lagos and Kaduna. The company’s layout includes the state of the art premix and concentrates factory, a warehouse and offices on 5000 m2 ground. An experimental fish farm located in Ibadan. The new warehouse and factory was recently built next to the old compound and the new ABMN quality control laboratory expected to commission in May 2016.

ABMN strategies for the future include positioning itself to the largest partner of Nigeria poultry and livestock industry. As poultry and fish feed requirements continues to increase in the next decade, with challenges such as global maize and soya meal prices, availability and quality, ABMN is a reliable industry leader trusted to supply top quality raw materials, manufacture quality products needed to achieve affordable and sustainable food production for Nigeria growing population.

Our Mission

Harness Business opportunities through vertical and horizontal integration by adding value to the system.

Encourage industry being a role model by sourcing quality raw material to produce safe and healthier food to people in Nigeria.

Innovate through novel products and services technologies in feed production and Animal Husbandry thus economizing farming for higher revenue.

Our Vision

To become the Nigeria No. 1 Trusted Hitech Animal Nutrition Company.

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Our Management Team


What Our Client Says

  • I raised a small flock of cattle. The flock is doing relatively well in terms of percentage lay (80% at 40 weeks of age); and relatively resistant to diseases.

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    • Mr Abby
  • I am a fish farmer.  I have bought your fish feed, used it on my farm and found out that is very nutritious, among other feeds that I have been using.

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    • Davidson
  • I am really interested in  your products because you have a very good reputation. Thanks to you and the team that you work with. You deliver the best!

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    • Ayanshola

Clients And Partners