[Agro Bar-Magen Laboratory]

We have a standard quality control Laboratory

ABMN Quality Control Laboratory is a standard laboratory set up to carry out proficient tests on raw materials and feed using analytical methods of internationally recognized standards. ABMN recognizes the fundamental influence of nutrition on productivity, health and welfare of farm animals thus, our laboratory services are set in place to primarily ensure high quality in-process control.

Nevertheless, ABMN laboratory also offer hi-tech services to wide spread farmers, feed millers and experts at an affordable rate.

Raw material/Feed testing carried out at ABMN quality control laboratory are vast to mention a few;

  • Dry matter determination
  • Total ash calculation
  • Crude protein determination
  • Crude Fiber analysis
  • Crude fat determination
  • Mineral analysis and
  • Mycotoxin testing for aflatoxin and ochratoxin.

[Agro Bar-Magen Laboratory]

Commitment to High-Tech methodologies

Methodologies employed for testing include proximate analysis, spectro photometry and   strip tests. Using these methods, our laboratory help you to analyze and compare different feedstuffs based on specific nutrients thereby determining animal performance.

Depending on your request, ABMN laboratory is committed to using our hi-tech methodologies to render credible services. At ABMN quality control laboratory, credibility and validity is key.

[How we work]

Our Core Research + Development Stages

Analysis and Scope

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Project Design

The design phase involves benchmarking, prototyping, and testing. During this phase, you want to test your ideas before you build them.

Specification Phase

The specification phase is an important step that helps you focus on creating learning experiences for your specific learner.