Farm Hygiene


STALOSAN® F is a ready-to-use powder product. Stalosan® F can be spread manually or using suitable blowers and powder sprinklers. It is effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. It’s very strong on pathogens and gentle on birds.

COMPOSITION: Mineral Phosphates, Sulphates and Silicates.


Apply weekly at a dose of 50g/m2. In the event of elevated levels of pathogenic microorganisms, the dosing frequency can be increased to 2-3 times per week at a dose of 50g-100g/m2. Stalosan F is animal friendly and thus can be applied in the presence of animals.


Pigs: Under the sows and where piglets walk and sleep – In moist areas, where piglets eat and drink – Deep litter sections – Slatted floors.

Cows: – Where the cows lie down, particularly under the udder and in moist areas

  • – Incubicles and in stanchion barns on top of the mat, especially at the back
  • – In deep litter sections
  • – In calf boxes.

Poultry:  Over existing mats

  • – Under drinking and feeding lines
  • – In nesting boxes
  • – In moistplaces.

Horses: In the entire horsebox, with special attention to the edges.

Sheep: On top of the straw, particularly in the case of lambing sheep.